ReSet…ReFocus…ReFresh…ReBoot…and it’s Time to Restart…

This is a new reality and an option for many after Covid -19 pandemic and its impact. Having spent more than 25 years with various industries and sitting in the comfort zone for a while you realize that this jolt was required. I am sorry if I am sounding a bit crazy, but once you read my view you will agree that it was required for many like me. I have seen many have gathered courage now to restart their lives as a freelancer or with a new idea or job and have learned a very hard way.

You may be confident and knows your work and are capable of handling the KRAs, but at times you are pulled down by your reporting head and that is with a motive to not give you a raise or any promotion but yes work is required up to mark. After many years it starts sinking into your mind that you have reached an age where maybe HR Heads and companies would not like to engage people like you above 50 years of age, so forget about landing a new job despite rich experience, knowledge, or maturity. When you start realizing this mind game and motive to break your confidence level, you feel stuck in the situation.

Many companies were deliberately and selectively delivering part payments to their employees and I wonder why the Management shy away from clearing the dues and asking the person to leave. Isn’t it a more respectful and professional way of reducing the workforce? Why park the employee and wait till he gets tired and leaves on his own. Instead, the game starts here by slowly increasing the gap but still loading the person with work.

Lucky are these companies now as Covid has given them an excuse not to pay at all. People have a back-log of salaries ranging from maybe one to 12 months. Many other companies are exploiting in the name of Covid now and many candidates have experienced that if given a chance they can be asked to work for free in the name of Covid.

Please give your views…Is this what you have experienced or seen in your circle of friends or colleagues? Are you ready to face life with the new change to restart?




Social Media Management, Communication and Personal Branding, Content (Creation, Strategy & Marketing), Copywriting & Public Relations.

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Davinder Kaur

Davinder Kaur

Social Media Management, Communication and Personal Branding, Content (Creation, Strategy & Marketing), Copywriting & Public Relations.

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